Why does my Playstation 3 keeps freezing?

This isn't an occasional thing, it's a good 90 percent of the time playing any game. Generally it freezes up most on Resident Evil 5, Oblivion, Skyrim, all Assassin's Creeds (though I only own Brotherhood), Uncharted 1 and 2, and especially on my newest game which is the most infuriating, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

I have the smaller version of the PS3, the slim version and only 160GB. I don't know if it makes any difference but I have some games downloaded to my PS3 such as the original PS1 Classics of Tomb Raider 1-4, and Resident Evil 2 and 3.

I keep it very well ventilated, I even have a fan or two on it at all times. I keep all my discs spotless, not a fingerprint or dust speck on them.
Its frozen up a lot since I first bought it 2 years ago from Best Buy, but after I stopped playing it for around three months it started working just fine. Now its back to freezing up within the first 5min-1hr of gameplay on any given game, other than Raccoon City which is much worse.

Which is the big problem for me. It freezes within the first five minutes of playing, around the 1st-3rd wave of enemies in the very first campaign. It will freeze to the point where I can sometimes still hear sound but I have to manually turn the PS3 off by button. The first time I ever installed it I made it all the way downstairs to the second cutscene, where it froze for the first time. Now it won't make it that far. Its the same with all games in how it freezes, with sound sometimes and whatnot.

I looked at many forums, tried rebuilding the database and restoring the file system. When I restored the file system it said something about it being corrupted, then restored. It still doesn't work but in fact has only gotten worse. I deleted old save games that weren't needed for other games, cleared out everything in my internet browser, basically did a clean up of my whole PS3. I even vaccumed the damn thing. It still doesn't work.

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A lot of people don't realize this for some reason but I'll explain for you. ALL PS3's freeze regardless of model and there's nothing you can do to stop or prevent it from happening. It's the system itself that freezes (and no that doesn't mean it's faulty. Remember, ALL PS3's WILL freeze.) It's actually completely normal for them to freeze. Just make sure you turn the system off properly. You have to use the power button. Clicking it usually works. It will usually delay for about 10 seconds, beep at you then shut down. Sometimes the clicking won't shut down the system. If the clicking happens to not work you MUST HOLD the power button instead. That will force shut down. It might take a while (between 30 seconds to 5 minutes sometimes) but it WILL force shut down. The completely WRONG way to turn the system off is to unplug it. NEVER EVER EVER unplug it while it's on (or when it freezes, because it's still on.) That can corrupt data on the HDD, corrupt the entire HDD itself (your system will usually have to restore itself if you unplug it and it usually corrupts some data as well despite the restore), or just simply outright kill your PS3 making it nothing more than a giant paperweight. NEVER unplug it. This is actually the main reason people break their systems. It's because of ignorance on how to shut it down properly. And then they complain about it. It's honestly common sense to not unplug any system. Doing that is fatal for most electronics.

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