Playstation 3 overheating problem?

okay so i had my playstation 3 for about 3 years now and i got message last night saying it overheated and it shut down i turned it back on and everythings fine but i shut it back down scared im going to get yellow light of death i called playstation and they said i have nothing to worry about but im still worried has any of this happened to you guys before?

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You need to make sure your PS3 is in a well-ventilated space (do not have it in an enclosed space). It needs room to breathe. It shouldn't be sitting on top of, or right next to any other electronic device. If you haven't, you should vacuum the outside vents with the hose from a regular vacuum cleaner. Dust buildup can cause overheating. You can direct a fan at the front of the unit to attempt to help it stay cooler (don't direct it at the back where the air is pushed out). Lastly, don't play for long periods of time. Moderate your playing time. Make sure you give your PS3 time to rest and cool down. If you do all these things and your PS3 continuously shuts down on you, it would be wise to think about buying a new PS3 and transfer your data to it before your current PS3 shuts down for good.

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