PS3 Lights Fix Guide

The PS3 Lights Fix Guide will show you how you yourself can fix these problems without having to send your Playstation 3 in or having to pay huge repair bills in excess of $150:

1. How to permanently fix the Blinking Yellow Light of Death (YLOD)

2. How to permanently fix the Solid/flashing Red Light

3. How to permanently fix the Flashing Green Light issue

4. How to permanently fix the 3 beeps

5. How to permanently fix the Red Screen

6. How to permanently fix a freezing screen (during gameplay or during the menu)

7. How to permanently fix the blu-ray drive (after freezing and blu-ray not accepting)

This Playstation 3 Guide will also fix the Error Codes listed in the middle of this page:

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Playstation 3 Problems: The Yellow Light of Death

The PlayStation 3 though built by the trusted Sony brand name, still has a few hidden problems that many consumers have highlighted. One of the most common problems with the Playstation 3 console is the Yellow Light of Death. The PlayStation 3 problems with the Yellow Light of Death can be caused through a number of reasons; sudden power surges or even dust build up on the inside of your console. There are many ways that one can fix the Yellow Light of Death problem and it can be fixed fairly easily if you follow the steps listed in this Playstation 3 Errors Guide.

If all else fails and if your system is still under warranty it is recommended that you send it for a warranty claim to Sony, and have them fix it but that could take over 6 weeks to get your Playstation back, we can show you how to avoid this in the guide listed below. However, if you are not still under the warranty period and you have encountered PlayStation 3 problems, then you will have to pay $150 USD to get the people at Sony to fix it. If I where in this situation I think I would save my $150 and just purchase this Playstation 3 Fix it yourself Guide! and do the maintenance myself.

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Playstation 3 Problems: Screen Freezing

One of the most common Playstation 3 problems is the screen freezing. Most of users have complained that their consoles just froze while they were playing a particular game. This problem is very general and can be caused by two reasons. One is that the disk of the game is either dirty or faulty, try playing another game and see if it happens again. Second and more valid reason is due to overheating. The PlayStation 3 is a machine full of transistors and electronic circuits; add to it the blue ray disc also generates some heat. So to be sure that heat is not an issue use the console in a cool air conditioned environment and never houses the console in a small close compartment. Just a few simple changes to the way you store your Playstation 3 could really help relieve this Playstation 3 Problem.

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How to fix a Playstation 3 that is freezing and also what causes my Playstation 3 to Freeze?

Freezing is one of the main Playstation 3 problems that people are coming up with. The freezing is sometimes caused by to much heat so if you are playing for long periods of time you might want to let it cool for awhile in between and also make sure you keep it dusted and clean that also helps PS3 Freezing problems.

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What does the Ps3 error 80130182 stand for?

The Playstation 3 Error 80130182 usually means that you are having a router issue or you have other problems with your incoming connection.

Here is something you can try: Disable PS3 media servers option, reboot the router and modem after unplugging them for 1 minute
call your internet service provider and have them check your connection.

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PS3 Repair Guide: Is it really that easy to repair my Playstation 3 at home?

Yes, it is really that easy with the support of this PS3 Repair Guide you can learn how to repair your Playstation 3 at home, by yourself even with know technical experience at all.

Why would you pay $150 dollars or more to send your ps3 to Sony and let them keep it six weeks when you can just fix your PS3 yourself? Which doesn't even give you the guarantee that it will be fixed, since all they do is send you back a refurbished PS3 that could possible have future problems. Nobody wants to wait 6 weeks to play there favorite game when they can fix it in a jiffy with this Playstation 3 Repair Guide.

Simply save time and money by fixing your ps3 yourself with the playstation 3 repair guide. You won't only fix your console, but you can also make money with this by buying other peoples broken Ps3's, Fixing them by yourself and then selling them for profit.

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Which type of hdmi cable is the best for the Playstation 3?

Which type of hdmi cable is the best for the Playstation 3?

Prices of the HDMI Cables vary from 12.99 to as far as 69.99 even though the lengths are the same.
The More expensive HDMI Cables are not necassary, they do offer high tech shielding to protect from interference, it has 24k gold sections in it to prevent corrosion and keep the connection right, this feature is also not necassary. I would go with the cheaper versions maybe a middle grade HDMI cable would do.

Playstation 3 Yellow Light of Death Fix - How Can You Fix PS3 YLOD All by Yourself?

The Playstation 3 yellow light of death, YLOD is very appropriately named! When you go to turn on your system and watch that little yellow light flip to a blinking red light it is very frustrating. You press the button over and over trying to get the system to boot, but it does no good. While many people assume their console has really died and there is nothing to do but replace it, this is absolutely untrue.

It would certainly be easier and faster to just throw away the system out and purchase a new one, but anyone who does that would be stupid enough because the PS3 Yellow Light Of Death is a fixable problem! Plus, it is very likely that the new console will just develop the same Playstation 3 yellow light problem, and you can't continually replace it over and over.

That is why game enthusiasts are now turning to the internet to find fast, convenient, and affordable fixes for the Ps3 yellow light issue. Before you determine which of these fixes is right for you, take a moment to consider what may be causing the problem to begin with.

In most cases, the flashing yellow light of death of PS3 is caused by internal failures due to overheating. Many users notice that their console sounds much louder than usual and/or feels very warm to the touch prior to the Playstation 3 yellow light problem developing. These are actually good signs that the system is overheating and if you can fix the problem right away the flashing lights may actually be avoided!

For future reference, the PS3 console needs adequate ventilation to prevent overheating, or at least make it less likely to happen. Many users place their console down flat on the ground or up against a wall, which blocks off the fan vent which is designed to cool the system down. Other users do not realize that they need to clean off dust so it doesn't collect in the vent and excessive dust can also lead to overheating as it blocks the free flow of air in and out of the unit.

Once you have cleaned dust off of your console and placed it in an area where it is not obstructed, it's time to try a couple quick fixes:

Unplug the console from the wall for half an hour, then plug it back in.
Remove the hard drive and replace.
Check all wires and connections to the console.
If you can get a hard drive from someone else which you know works, you will determine right away if you can replace the hard drive to fix yellow light of death problem. In most cases, there will be more substantial damage internally which will require you to either send the console in to Sony or learn how to fix the Playstation 3 yellow light blinking problem on your own.

Doing it on your own is much faster and will cost you less. Some online programs offer detailed video instructions that walk you through it in less than an hour and some will even offer some extra bonuses that make your system more functional once the problem is fixed.

The only reason to ever pay the shipping to Sony is if you have a valid warranty that will pay for the repairs completely, if you are out of warranty they will charge you $150. Otherwise, you can fix yourself by following the guide listed below.

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