My PlayStation 3 wont turn on? HELP!!?

I came to play my PS3 the other day and it wouldn't turn on. I always leave it on standby so there is always the red light on the front, however there is no sign of life now. I thought it could be the fuse in the plug so i tried a different 5amp kettle lead that i had that i know work yet nothing still. Ive read on the net that it could be dust clog inside stopping it from working so ive opened it up and gave it a dust inside and yet still nothing. Is it broken beyond repair or do i need to take it somewhere to be fixed? Its a second hand console that ive had for about a year now and it still has my game disk inside.

If it won't turn on it's because the power cord is faulty (or possibly the port that's it's connected to) or your PS3's battery supply died. You could try a different power cord. If that worked it would be the easiest fix--and a really lucky break. If that doesn't solve anything, you will need to have your PS3 looked at by a technician. All it might need is a new power supply. If that is the case it should work fine once the new power supply is installed.

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