PS3 Problems - How To Deal With PlayStation 3 Problems

When you hand over several hundred dollars for a game system, you do not expect to have issues with the hardware for quite some time. Nevertheless, even with the hefty price tag you should know that eventually you are going to deal with PS3 problems. You will be playing along and suddenly the system will beep three times and emit an eerie yellow, red or blinking green light. This is the point when many PS3 owners sigh and prepare to purchase a new unit. This is completely uncalled for most of the time, because it is possible to fix most if not all of these PS3 problems yourself.

The first thing you have to understand about common PS3 problems is their cause. Most of the time, probably about 95% it is a heat issue. The units run hot inside, especially the 20 and 60 GB varieties. Over time, this excess heat causes the solder on the motherboard or central processing unit to break down. When the solder melts, the connections become loose resulting in repair issues. If you are yet to experience, any problems with your Playstation 3, it is a good idea to take extra precautions, such as dusting frequently and setting the unit on a firm surface and not carpet.

Four Steps to Deal With PS3 Problems - Start With These

Restart PS 3, Voltage fluctuations may have caused the issue.
Unplug all the cables, plug them back in and then restart.
Check if it is a CD/DVD problems, scratch on CD/DVD may cause these issues with PS3.
Your Console is overheated, allow it to cool down for some time. But, this is a temporary solution
Hardware issues with in PS3. These issues can only be rectified by repairing the PS3

If your PS3, falls in the last 2 categories, you will need some professional help for fixing them permanently. Nevertheless, if you are looking for help with PS3 problems you are likely already experiencing flashing lights, YLOD or a red screen. If you are positive that your system is outside the manufacturer's warranty, where they will fix or replace it free, you can make several repairs yourself. Remember to be careful when opening the system up the first time.

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