3 Common Playstation 3 Problems

The Playstation 3 has certainly not been a faulty console, especially when compared to its rival, the Xbox 360, whose users noted widespread hardware failures and technical issues that eventually caused Microsoft to issue a warranty extension. Sony's PS3 has been a lot hardier, and Sony's repair policies have been generous. However, any technology has its quirks, and the Playstation 3 is no different. Here are three technical problems with the Playstation 3 hardware that its users have reported on a comparatively common basis.

1. Flashing red and green light - When the light on the front of the Playstation 3 blinks red and green, it indicates that the system is beginning to overheat. You should turn off your PS3 when you see this symptom, and check the vents to make sure that they're not obstructed. Move the Playstation 3 to an area that isn't enclosed or near other electronics, as it may be more susceptible to overheating otherwise. The Playstation 3 generates a tremendous amount of heat, and it may even be hazardous to those other devices, so stacking should be avoided. When the PS3 reaches the point of completely overheating, it will flash red and then stop functioning, but you may be able to restore power by waiting for a bit before restarting the device.

2. Video playback is fuzzy or distorted - This PS3 issue is most common among owners that connect their Playstation 3 to their television sets through a VCR or VCR/DVD combination device, and it's actually a feature of the PS3 rather than a technical problem. The PS3 is designed with copywrite protection in mind (after all, Sony is a huge distributor of movies and music), and it will show a distorted picture when hooked through a VCR to prevent DVDs from being illegally copied. Someone should probably tell Sony that nobody really copies DVDs via VCR anymore, but until then, you'll have to connect your PS3 directly to your television set if you want to avoid a bad picture while watching DVDs.

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