Playstation 3 Problems: How Can I Fix Ps3 Yellow Light of Death

If you don't know how to fix your ps3 yellow light of death error, than it's quite hard to fix it. But, if you know how to fix the problem, it's getting easier. For those who don't know how you can fix the error, take a look below. I've put up tips and options for you and all work to fix the problem you got on your playstation 3.

How to fix ps3 yellow light of death 3. tips first

1)Turn off your playstation 3. If you think your ps3 has been caught by the heat, then wait at least 20 minutes and put it back on again

2) Check if there's any loose cable.

3) Try to put out your playstation's hard-drive, and put it back in. You might want to repeat this 2-3 times for better results.

If this did not work, then there are 2 options left for you on how to fix your ps3 safe and fast!

Send your playstation 3 back to Sony

You might think that this is an great option, but take a look at some statistics. Most users had to wait at least 4-6 weeks before they had their Console back. And also, if your warranty is expired, you have to pay a big fat $150,- to get the job done! Does this still sound as a good option?

The last and the best option is to repair your console by yourself.

When you fix the yellow light error by yourself, you will take control in your own hands. Meaning that you decide how much it costs and that you decide how long it will take to fix it. This is the best and most recommended way to fix your ps3 savefully and fast! Users who didn't know a thing about Hardware, have fixed it within 1 hour with the use of a repair guide. You should really use a guide because if you don't, it will be guess work. Check out the Guide below to help you fix your PS3

Get More info on the Playstation 3 Repair Guide here..

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