Is there anyway I can fix this weird problem PS3 Online Problems?

My internet has gotten worse in the past 2 weeks:
My ping went up
My Download/Upload went down
And any there's tons of jitter.

I am a PS3 player that plays wireless, btw. As of lately, I will have a smooth 4-3 bar connection(mostly 4), and my ping drops it all the way down to 1 bar. It happens randomly and have yet to find a solution.

My download/upload before was around 24mbps/4.3mbps
and it is now 10.5mpbs/3mbps: Clearly a drop in speed

I did do the unplug trick(about 2 minutes unplugged, modem and router), and still nothing
I also connected my laptop directly to the modem and when I did that, I didn't even have internet connection. I didn't plug it directly tothe router because I figured it wouldn't really solve anything.

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I would suggest that you do not use wireless for gaming as it is unreliable and doesn't have a constant download/upload rate, always get an ethernet cable.
It is most likely to be your ISP having problems so call and ask them but they probably won't have a clue anyway. How old is your modem and what is it, this would have helped a lot.
Plugging a cable in could solve your whole problem but if it doesn't your modem is screwed up in some way. Check with your neighbors or people who live near you (within 1km) and see if they are having any problems. If they are too you can't do anything about it. If a cable doesn't fix it or your neighbors don't have any problems its new modem time.
9ms is not a lot of jitter BTW. And having a download rate of 6.71Mb/s and being in the top 53% of america wow I thought america had fast internet but that is slow, Im in New Zealand and the Im in the top 90% with a download rate of 12.5%

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