Playstation 3 Problems: The Yellow Light of Death

The PlayStation 3 though built by the trusted Sony brand name, still has a few hidden problems that many consumers have highlighted. One of the most common problems with the Playstation 3 console is the Yellow Light of Death. The PlayStation 3 problems with the Yellow Light of Death can be caused through a number of reasons; sudden power surges or even dust build up on the inside of your console. There are many ways that one can fix the Yellow Light of Death problem and it can be fixed fairly easily if you follow the steps listed in this Playstation 3 Errors Guide.

If all else fails and if your system is still under warranty it is recommended that you send it for a warranty claim to Sony, and have them fix it but that could take over 6 weeks to get your Playstation back, we can show you how to avoid this in the guide listed below. However, if you are not still under the warranty period and you have encountered PlayStation 3 problems, then you will have to pay $150 USD to get the people at Sony to fix it. If I where in this situation I think I would save my $150 and just purchase this Playstation 3 Fix it yourself Guide! and do the maintenance myself.

Fix your Playstation 3 Now!

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